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tainan~~1967 City central hotel
廣告類別:民宿資料 刊登區域:台南市 刊登時間:20141018223139
手機號碼:  連絡電話:886-06-2239566
地 址:No.2-1, Ln. 70, Weimin St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
tainan~~1967 City central hotel tainan~~1967 City central hotel
Tainan, the first exploited city and former capital of Taiwan.
After hundreds years of colonization by Netherlands, Late Imperial China, and Japan; Tainan became a multi-culture city and has its own life style.
It’s also the oldest city in Taiwan, which makes it the best way to know Taiwanese history and culture. As time flying, life in Tainan is getting more convenient with the modern facility and urban planning. But Tainan is still different from other modern city in Taiwan; it keeps part of traditional culture including cuisine, architecture, religion, fine art, and especially precious friendship.
1967 City Central Hotel was established in 2012 and located on the downtown Tainan. “1967”is not just a name of a hostel but also a special love from a husband. The owner built “1967”for his beloved wife who has a great passion with art collection and interior design. The owner creates a new travel living style, which combines European boutique and accommodation. With the decoration of the owner’s collections from Europe, 1967 City Central Hotel is not just a normal hotel but also an art gallery.

For the traveler’s convenience, we provide bottle water, hairdryer, electric kettle, cable TV, bathroom, and laundry machine in each room. Also, for a security reason, a key card will be provided to enter the hotel while check in. In the lobby, there’s a public mini bar where you can have a cup of coffee and some snacks. It’s all for free. At 8:30am, the stuffs will bring a basket with breakfast to your door (except the eco-friendly room).

There is a special promotion for the ECO-Friendly Room. NTD1500 per night during the weekday (Double Room).
An ECO-Friendly Room has no toiletries and breakfast offering. We do appreciate your kindly concern about the environment by bringing your own toiletries. This promotion will not work on the booking system. If you have any question about the booking information, please contact us by Email. 0985254382m22@gmail.com
Booking Information
Office hour: 8am~11pm(Sun.~Friday) / 8am~12pm(Sat.)
Check-in: 3pm

1967 City central hotel
No.2-1, Ln. 70, Weimin St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:886 (0)6 2239566(Chinese Service) .24H:886 (0)983 957753(English Service) .
FAX:886 (0)6 2239166 .EMAIL:0985254382m22@gmail.com .
Green Package: TWD1,500
Green Package: For ecourging the eco-friendly issue, we promote the green package for travelers with better discount. Room Type: Double room (without toiletries offering) $1500 per night. Week day ONLY.
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